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Ziglu is a crypto bank that lets you hold multiple (fiat and digital) currencies in one single account. You can buy and sell foreign currency at interbank rates, and buy or sell crypto at the best price across multiple exchanges — guaranteed. No more complex transactions, and no more rip-off rates or fees. You can also spend any currency you hold — including crypto — instantly anywhere using your Mastercard debit card.

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The Challenge

The design of the app provides users with the ability to: Easily trade cryptocurrency View the live market rates View portfolio balance with deep insights Exchange currencies interactive solution The activity of your transactions in detail

The Design Process

We started the project by understanding, Ziglu — and their competition. We analysed 5 competitors in the fin-tech space, with two identified as direct competitors, offering both crypto and open banking. Unique selling points were identified, build an app that breaks all the currency barriers — geographic and technological — and puts users fully in control of their money whatever they want to do with it. However, we needed to find out if users wanted these.

User research

Our user research consisted of four steps:

  • Preparation of interview questions
  • Interview recruitment (Focus Groups)
  • Conduct of user interviews

A key insight from our screening survey was how many users are familiar with cryptocurrency and how can we make them use the app on a daily basis. In total, we conducted 10+ Focus groups. A key challenge during this process was identifying users who were available at relatively short notice to conduct interviews.

Our findings

Users requirements and pain points:

  • Users those were new to the cryptocurrency world and how to make them use the app
  • Users needed help to understand how to add money to the app
  • Users would like to have savings pots to where they can transfer their daily profits
  • Users needed more deep dives on their account than just balance

Another key finding was that most of the users were familiar with the cryptocurrency concept and wanted something simple solutions which is easy to understand and gives enough details about their money if needed. This really helped us to empathise with the users and understand their frustrations when using other crypto apps as well as identifying those positive aspects as well.


Conducting focus groups we explored some ideas for the scenarios, subsequently using a feature prioritisation matrix to define what should be included in the first release of the app. This showed there were unwanted features that were very time consuming and costly.


We identified that users found the ‘Home’, ‘Activity’, ‘Coin market’, ‘Settings ’ tabs in the navigation very useful whereas ‘Move money button’ was very confusing for some. In order to clarify the move money, we removed the label and made it more playful and interactive.

Improving rapidly

From the design process and the app map, we created a wire flow.

Usability testing also showed, for example, the overall progress was confusing. Removing it from this screen allowed us to implement a more important feature that increased user engagement: the ability to view daily profit/loss and giving insights about their portfolio.


As our role was to create an outstanding crypto app, it was really important that we understood Ziglu and its branding and brand values. From our research, we understood the two core values of Ziglu to be Magical, Mystical, Fun and secure to use at the same time.

Using these core brand values, we created a mood board based on Aurora lights.



The design process described above resulted in a high-fidelity prototype of the app made using Sketch, with the preview element animated in Principle to display that functionality. Some of the key flows of the app are shown in the GIF below.

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